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Martha K.

Absolutely fantastic. Normally my bra size is hard to figure out and harder to find in stores, but Grace, who helped me out today, was phenomenal!! Managed to find my size in almost everything and brought me plenty of options for what I was looking for. Was also very considerate of me asking for sales items so that I had more room in my budget. We went through multiple bras together so Grace could get a better idea of fit, and while not everything was perfect, the two bras I walked away with were the best bras I think I've ever bought. If there was something I liked that the store didn't have, they let me know that they can order it pretty easily! I will definitely be back, especially since the store also carries swimwear and sleepwear also! The whole staff, not just Grace, was kind and considerate to all the other customers who came in. Best bra shop.