About the Store

At Wildflower Intimates we are committed to helping you find your best fitting bra ever. Through empathy, education, and inventory, we will help you navigate the often frustrating world of bras and hopefully even have some fun in the process. With over 200 sizes, we have a bra to fit nearly every body. And if you don’t find what you’re looking for we can help you get it.

Bras are our bread and butter, but don’t be surprised if you find something a little bit less necessary that you can’t resist while you shop. Come join a community of confident, comfortable women who know the value of a great fitting bra.

About the Owner

Hi! I'm Grace. I'm the owner of Wildflower and an expert bra fitter. I've been fitting since 2010 and am passionate about creating a warm and inviting atmosphere for a stress-free, comfortable, and (hopefully!) fun bra fitting experience. I know that the fitting room can cause all kinds of anxiety, so I approach each customer with empathy and compassion and for their unique needs and experiences. 

A bra wearer for the past twenty years, I have always been passionate about taking care of boobs. In high school I was the friend pushing my peers into the nearest boutique to get fitted. In college I took that role to the next level with an after-school job in the small, but beautiful Bella Lingerie, where I learned the fun party-trick of being able to guess my sorority sisters’ bra sizes without ever pulling out a measuring tape. After graduating, I snagged a job with Nordstrom where I could put my skills to the test with a wider audience and gain some additional training.

After a few years in the corporate world, I found my way back to the wonderful world of lingerie at The Rack Shack in Brooklyn, and I could not be happier to have rekindled the joy of helping people experience the magic of a truly well-fitted bra. I recently became acquainted with the women of DFW after moving home and working as a fit expert in Dallas.

I am excited to share my expertise with all bra wearers and lingerie enthusiasts of North Texas at Wildflower Intimates!