Bra Care

1. Rotate your bras. Our body heat, sweat, and oils all contribute to the breakdown of elastic used in bras. By letting your bras rest for at least two days, you limit the stress on the elastic. Your bras will last months longer and stay more supportive when you rotate between at least three everyday bras.

2. Wash your bras often and with care. Hand washing your bras with a gentle detergent every few wears will extend their life. Hand washing is as simple as soaking them in lukewarm water with delicate detergent for 15 - 20 minutes. Rinse-free detergent makes the process as easy as can be. Simply squeeze out any excess water and hang to dry. If you do choose to wash your bras in a machine, put them in a mesh bag, wash on a delicate cycle, and never put them in the dryer. Dryers will destroy your bras immediately.

3. How you put your bra on matters. The best option is to hook the bra behind your back. Try placing the underwire under your breasts, place your pointer finger on the target eye, bring both sides of the band behind your back and find the eye that your finger is on with the hook from the other side. Slide the shoulder straps on after the band is hooked. Remember, this will get easier with practice. It is ok if you can’t quite get it right every time, but trying counts. 

The next best way is to hook the band at your side, with the cups facing the right way up, and then turn the bra a quarter of the way around so the wires are under your breasts, and then put your shoulder straps in place. 

Lastly, you can hook the band in front of you, with  the cups facing the right way up (on your back), and then turn your bra half way around so the wires are under your breasts. Then put your shoulder straps in place. Remember, the less you tug and scooch your bra, the longer it will last.

IMPORTANT: Never hook the bra with the wires facing down and then flip them so they are facing the right way up. This can twist the wires and put excessive stress on the wires and increase the chance that they will break.

4. The “Scoop and Swoop” is always necessary to wear your bra correctly. Once your bra is fastened, hold the wire at the bottom “corner”, reach your opposite hand into the cup behind your breast, and pull all of your breast tissue forward (towards the center of your chest - not up) so that it is inside the cup. Finally, smooth out the top edge of the cup, and ensure that the wire is sitting right under your breast where it meets your torso.