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Moby M.

Don't even waste time debating coming [to The Rack Shack], Just come!! I literally had an emotional reaction getting fitted w my correct size here. Imagine feeling so elated, you actually wanna walk outside in this new cute bra you're wearing! Grace helped me, and was the most patient, kindest, professional with me. I'm 40, and learned so much today (from fitting, to sizes, to ways to adjust myself in the garments, etc) that I swear I will never EVER buy a VS bra again... I literally felt sad stuffing my boobs into my old VS bra while leaving. Lol
Worth a visit! Life changing, I swear. Glad they made a profile on me, bc I will definitely be coming back for more... The options are hands down so mixed and varied, I went from Vixen, to work mode, to daily, to exercise mode in a matter of minutes... Loved loved loved my experience here today! Don't deny yourself the same goodness, and just go there already!!