Disco Ball Nipple Covers Shimmering Glitter Pasties


Unleash Vibrant Glamour with Disco Ball Pastease Nipple Covers by Pastease®!

Get ready to dazzle and dance the night away with our Disco Ball Pastease Nipple Covers – an electrifying accessory that encapsulates the spirit of the disco era. As you step onto the dance floor, these nipple covers become your shimmering partners in creating a vibrant and unforgettable night. 

Dynamic Disco Sparkle: Imagine a colorful disco ball reflecting pulsating lights and vibrant energy, now captured in intricate detail on these nipple covers, infusing your look with disco queen radiance.

Sparkling Glints: The disco ball design features sparkling glints that catch and reflect the light, ensuring you shine with every move and capture the attention of all around you.

Soft Glittering Elegance: Crafted from a soft and glittering material, these nipple covers embrace your curves while adding a touch of elegance that matches the brilliance of the disco ball itself.

Dimensions: 3.2" x 3.2" Coverage: 3.2" 

Pickup available at Wildflower Intimates

Usually ready in 2 hours